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Browser-based car racing team manager game

Season 25 : Race 11
Teams involved:17396
Players involved:734
Cars in game:3853
Parts in game:142315
Drivers in game:2271
Destroyed cars:211225
Completed races:451406

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Last 5 news

French DIV+ Cup  (18/04/2014)

French DIV+ Cup's Round Nr.5 has just been completed. No car was destroyed during these races.

RWD Cup  (18/04/2014)

RWD Cup's Final round has just been completed. team gazier (E.M) French league is the winner.

Nmax20 Cup  (17/04/2014)

Nmax20 Cup's Round Nr.4 has just been completed. No car was destroyed during these races.

World league  (17/04/2014)

The WRC race have just been completed. 1 car was destroyed during this race.

English league  (17/04/2014)

213 English league races have just been completed. 51 cars were destroyed during these races.

World championship status

POLE 7859 (E.M) French league is leading WRC with 200 points.

English championship status

FuriaRoja Speed (E.M) English league is leading Championship with 196 points.

French championship status

World peaces racing (E.M) French league is leading Championnat with 178 points.

German championship status

M+P Tuning (E.M) German league is leading Meisterschaft with 196 points.

English division 2 status

Portimonense (E.M) English league is leading DII-1 with 180 points.
hrc racing (E.M) English league is leading DII-2 with 196 points.
NVR ENUFF HRSE PWR (E.M) English league is leading DII-3 with 194 points.
Gayo de Faria (E.M) English league is leading DII-4 with 184 points.

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Welcome on server 4!

Ondarun 2 is the new version of the most popular car racing team management browser game. It allows you to enter a huge international, multiplayer and free competition. Will you become one of the great champions of Ondarun?
Ondarun is :
®Free unlimited time of play!
®No installation requirement!
®Online management on a vast scale!
®An outstanding international competition!
® 950 different cars + 25 cups + 3 leagues
in an international competition

Ondarun is : 950 cars, 32 cups, 3 leagues, 1 competition

Can you manage a car racing team?
Its cars and drivers?
Its racetrack and technical team?
Can you tame the Ondarun used parts business?

Register for free!

734 teams are waiting for you in a fierce competition!
Challenge your friends in the morning and compete in league in the evening! Train your drivers for the numerous cups where you will be able to stick out from the other players!
3853 cars, 2271 drivers and 142315 parts are only waiting for you !

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